Our reputation and success are founded on our ability to translate research findings into action steps for communications planning and strategies.
— Michael Baselice, Founder

Baselice & Associates, Inc. combines experience in public opinion research with a strong academic background and practical experience in political/public affairs and marketing. With this experience and education, research "numbers" become legal and legislative strategies, tactical suggestions, advertising messages, and specific population targeting data. Baselice & Associates, Inc. specializes in the various forms of research.


Initiative, Referendum, and Issue Polling

Full strategy analysis, communication development, and voter intention tracking

Public Perception, Jury Selection, and Attitude Polling

Development and evaluation of corporate, public relations, legal, association, and marketing strategies

Campaign Communication Evaluation

Development and evaluation of communication strategy, advertising tracking, and pre/post measurement to detect changes in attitudes and behavior

Legislative Issue Evaluation

Measuring the reaction of legislative proposals, possible alternative measures, and support or opposition by state or legislative district

Internal Constituency Polling

An organization's measurement of its own stakeholders (employees, members/potential members, shareholders, retirees, suppliers, buyers, etc.)