Baselice & Associates, Inc. is a national research organization that provides public opinion
research for decision making in politics, and public and corporate affairs.

With our techniques and experience, Baselice & Associates, Inc. uses opinion research in a manner that sets us apart from other firms. Our techniques which have been utilized and effective in candidate and referendum campaigns for nearly 20 years, can also be applied to corporate and public affairs campaigns, including legislative proposals, corporate image, and customer satisfaction. We help our clients determine which messages have the most impact in terms of solidifying or changing opinion. We also believe timeliness in collection, analysis, and presentation of data is often critical to the success of a particular objective. The structure of Baselice & Associates, Inc. is designed to react quickly to its clients needs. Data needed for decisions in corporate and public affairs efforts many times must be gathered and evaluated quickly so it has an affect on the outcome of an issue or situation.