Baselice & Associates, Inc. is a national research organization that has conducted projects across a broad range of issues and topics. Michael Baselice, President of Baselice & Associates, Inc., has conducted over 2,800 quantitative and qualitative research projects over the last 28 years.

Baselice & Associates, Inc.'s experience in the fields of public affairs, corporate research, and legal research makes them uniquely qualified to perform survey research to assess the attitudes of customers, stakeholders, voters, and potential jurors.

Michael Baselice

Michael Baselice (pronounced Bass-uh-lease) is President and CEO of Baselice & Associates, Inc.  Michael has extensive experience in political campaigns and issue/referendum projects throughout the United States and abroad.  Since founding Baselice & Associates in 1997, his firm has conducted thousands of survey projects, half of which are corporate and public affairs related.

Michael conducts research on numerous issues including; tort reform, medical liability caps on non-economic damages, judicial selection, and school finance reform.  In addition, to assisting organizations with specific legislative, issue and image research.

Prior to starting Baselice & Associates, Inc. in January of 1997, Michael managed the Houston office for The Tarrance Group where he worked for seven years and personally coordinated over 350 survey projects.  Before his work for The Tarrance Group, Michael was a research analyst for the National Republican Congressional Committee during the 1988 campaign cycle and conducted opposition research and targeting projects for key congressional campaigns. 

In 1987, Michael produced the first ever ORVS (Optimal Republican Voting Strength) manual in the nation for the Republican Party of Texas. The ORVS was created so districts could be compared on an apples-to-apples basis for the purpose of candidate recruitment and later, resource allocation and helping party officials avoid allocating resources to districts that cannot be won. He has since assisted Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky with their own ORVS programs. 

Michael received his B.S. cum laude in Commerce and Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.  Michael and his wife Julie have three children, and reside in Austin, Texas.