Baselice & Associates assists numerous political candidates and officeholders in the United States and abroad.  Public policy survey research performed by our firm includes economic issues ranging from tax relief, tort reform, and free trade to construction issues such as highway, school, and stadium bond measures. Additionally, we conduct social issue research in areas ranging from education and health care to gaming and safety issues. These issues, together with political, medical, legal, and customer/membership satisfaction projects, constitute an array of national research experience that enables Baselice & Associates to provide our clients with insightful information for decision making on almost anything.  

Our research has helped clients run successful campaigns in the political, public and corporate arena. For example, our research assisted in defeating Prop 56, The California Budget Accountability Act (which was designed to lower the threshold for the legislature to increase taxes from two-thirds to 55) as well as nightly tracking from mid-September through election eve for the successful Schwarzenegger for Governor Campaign.